Monday, September 26, 2016

Pachacutec - Week 5


I don't have much time but Santos was baptized this week! Its been a good experience teaching him. We found him my second week here and he was a reference from Hermano Guillermo.  He is 78 years old, He doesn't read or write so Guillermo has been reading with him. He also can't hear very well, but he loves music and hymns. So we taught him a lot using hymns, we teach him a hymn to teach a principle. It works great. He said that he used to play the trumpet. Anyways since Guillermo gave us the reference we asked Guillermo to baptize him (Guillermo is a convert of about 3 years so he hasn't had the opportunity to baptize someone yet.) 

Guillermo is also somewhat old, so we decided it would be safest to have someone else in the font to help. So yeah I was in the font with them. And it's a good thing I was haha. So first of all Santos fell when he was walking down into the water, luckily we were there to catch him before he went all the way under, but then when Guillermo went to baptize him, he lost his balance and they both would have gone under the water if I hadn't been there to push them both back up. It was kind of crazy, but I'm grateful for the opportunity to have taught Santos and to continue teaching him.

Today we had Zone P-day so we went to Ventanilla to play soccer at the stake center. And a new rule that President Stauffer made is that every week at district meeting we are to have an English class for the Latino missionaries. It's been fun, Elder Quesne has been teaching it mostly, but he leaves this transfer and I'm the only other white kid in my district, so yeah I might be teaching it in 2 weeks. The transfer is on October 4.

Could you send me some microwave recipes Abby and Amelia?

Thanks love you chao

Elder Harris

Santos' Baptism

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