Monday, April 10, 2017

Los Alamos - Week 9

Empezando el mes en blanco

So we already had fast and testimony meeting the Sunday before conference, but they told us that this Sunday (the 9th) there was going to be a special fast for the country of Peru to help the people that are suffering from the floods. It was really good to be able to fast again.

I hope everyone has seen the videos that the church has for Easter Principe de Paz (It's even better in Spanish). Our President asked us to watch the video before every teaching opportunity we have this week.  The church always makes good videos. 

So from the picture of the baptism, the oldest boy is a convert, the other two are baptisms of the ward (meaning the Bishop interviewed them) but he asked us to baptize them all together. Their names are Benjamin, Enos, and Naomi. Yes, Enos from the Book of Mormon. 

We have a baptism this Saturday of a 25 year old guy named Marcos. He is really excited, he has been able to find a lot of friendship in the church because there are a ton of young single adults in my ward.

Have a great week.

Elder Harris

My breakfast of an empanada de carne and an alfajor

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