Monday, January 9, 2017

Pachacutec - Week 20

Una Otra Semana

Hey family, we had a great week this week with the baptism of Blanca!  We found her back in September but after all this time she finally made this important step of baptism.  She's the best, a really good friend of ours.  

This time of the year is the best for missionary work, because it's summer vacation here in Peru.  The months of January and February are the hottest months of the year and it's when the kids have time off, so its super easy to find new investigators.  The people here in Pachacutec are so humble and most will listen to us.  From what I've heard this area of Pachacutec is one of the most humble areas in my mission, so I'm taking advantage of being in such a great area.  After 5 months living here it kind of feels like home.  

Today for P-day we went to Ventanilla to the cachina (which is like a giant garage sell by the market) and we found some cool old Peruvian coins that an old lady was selling. Coin collecting is a pretty big deal down here, I kind of wish I would have brought some quarters and dimes to give to my companions and kids.  I'm starting to really like the Gospel Principles class, we as missionaries teach the class when the teacher doesn't show up, which is quite often.  And this last Sunday there were probably 25 people in the class which was great.  Things are great down here, we are working to have the mom and the grandmother of one of our converts baptized this Saturday.

This week my testimony has really been strengthened.  I remember sitting in Priesthood on Sunday listening to the Elders Quorum president teach, sitting next to one of my investigators, and I just had a strong feeling come over me that my calling as a missionary was something really powerful, and that I had the capability to work miracles and change a lot of peoples lives if I rely on the help of God and give everything I have to Him.  I know that God lives and that his church is restored on the earth today.

Que tenga buenisima semana. No se caigan en las piedras que estan en el camino.


Elder Harris (el tigre)

Bautismo de Blanca Eufemia Marin Araujo

La encontramos a Blanca al tocar una puerta inspirada en Septiembre, pero con paciencia y suficiente tiempo para prepararse, ella se bautiso.  Ella es lo maximo!  Cuida a su mama de 95 años, y su niñeto de 5 años.

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