Monday, January 30, 2017

Pachacutec - Week 23

Pique a lo macho

Fun week, we listened to Elder Quintin L Cook together with the Lima North mission. It's weird to see another mission, there were a few of them that I recognized from the MTC. But Elder Cook and Elder Falabella from the 70 were there, which is kind of cool, because if I remember right Elder Falabella set apart President Swanson as Stake President. 

Elder Cook doesn't speak Spanish, he had a translator, which made it even better because I got to listen to everything he said twice, so it made it more powerful.  He shared a lot experiences from his mission in England, like how he was mission companions with Jeffrey R Holland and stuff like that.  He talked about following the spirit and working with members.  Elder Falabella counseled us to teach the Atonement with the Sabbath Day to our investigators in the second visit.  But to teach it in the chapel and testify of the importance of the sacrament in connection to the Atonement.  It was a cool meeting.  They had it in a building in the Lima North Mission.  I think it's called the Lima North Institute or something like that.

We also had the annual world missionary training with Elder Oaks, Bednar, Nelson, and a few other general authorities. They made a few changes to the key indicators and the missionary schedule.  The changes are great, it's going to help us a ton.

Love you guys, 

Elder Harris

We found these guys walking around with a llama taking pictures of people with their llama, so we took a picture. The first llama I've seen in Peru.

For P-Day last week we went walking down to see something different, and we found this cool place by the beach. Our jumping picture kind of failed.

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