Monday, February 6, 2017

Pachacutec - Week 24

Mi plato favorito es la escaveche

Well it's been a solid last-week-of-the-transfer here in Pachacutec.  We had interviews with President and we've done a lot of service this week.  It seems like everyone is re-doing their drainage haha and they need the elders help.

So my companion calls me Elder Jarras sometimes to joke around because it means Elder Pitcher, and I guess when you call someone "pitcher" here it means they like to drink alcohol.  It makes me laugh sometimes.

One experience that really touched my heart this week is when I was talking to Santos.  He was my first baptism in this area, but right now he is not attending church because he's been listening to some Adventist pastor, but I'm not worried, he will come back, we just have to work with him a little more. But yesterday we were talking with him and I told him that it was really probable that I'm going to leave this area on Tuesday.  He got this devestated kind of look on his face and said Nooo!  You can't leave!  I told him that there would be other Elders that would come, but he said no they aren't the same.  He told me that he sometimes has dreams about me, and if I leave he really isn't going to return to the church.  At this point I started tearing up a little bit because it reminded me of a conversation I had with Elder Poma; he told me, Elder Harris, you have to learn to love the people of Peru, and when you really have loved them and you have shown that you love them through your actions, something wonderful will happen, they will start to love you.  And when the people of Peru start to love you, that's when you know you have done your part as a that instant with Santos I was with the member who baptized him, Guillermo, and I explained to Santos that although the missionaries will leave, the person who baptized him will always be here. Guillermo.  And that he should trust in Guillermo and that they should be the best of friends.  Missionary work would not work without the efforts of members.

They should be calling in a few hours to tell us if I have transfers or not.  If I do, I feel satisfied with the work we have done here in Cedros.  The branch is growing and it's going to be a ward soon.  I love the members and the people here, I really will never forget this place.  The place I learned Spanish.  The place I learned how to be a missionary.  The place I drastically increased my testimony.  And the place where I was able to help several people repent and be baptized.  I love this work.

Reallmente quiero mas pachamanco,

Elder Harris

My pensionista, Sister Teresa.

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