Monday, May 22, 2017

Los Alamos - Week 15

Mi Semanita

Well this week was excellent. We had the baptism of Bikeissi who moved here from Iquitos, and he is 16. But from the picture it doesn't look like he is 16 because he got ran over by a motorcycle taxi when he was little, and on top of that he has a disease that impedes his growth. But he is awesome.

One experience that I had was when an appointment with an investigator fell, and we started looking for the address of our contact that we had as plan B. And we were with a member which made it even better. And the address ended up being exactly across the street from our investigator. And we got there and a young guy of 20 years was there waiting for us. He let us in and told us that when we talked to him in the street he felt like it was for something (salvation in 60 seconds). He told us that he used to be atheist, but now he feels like God exists and he wants to learn more about God. He accepted the baptismal date and everything. Every time that we find people who accept a baptismal date I always leave their house walking on sunshine. Because I'm excited to work with them and teach them until they are ready for baptism. To be honest I didn't have that desire when I started my mission. When I started my mission I secretly hoped that the appointments would fall so that I wouldn't have to teach. But now it's the opposite. Not teaching is suffering, teaching is joy.

Love yu familia

Elder Harris

El bautismo de Bikeissi Cotrina, quien es de Iquitos. Le encontramos porque están quedando con su familia que son miembros de la iglesia. Bikeissi conoció los misioneros en Iquitos en diciembre antes que venir aca.

The jello cake that my pensionista Sister Vicky gave me for my birthday.

King of the party!

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