Monday, June 12, 2017

Naranjal - Week 1

The Orange Tree Orchard in the Olive Trees

I had whats called ''emergency transfers.'' But it wasn't that big of an emergency. So the zone leaders called me Tuesday night that I had to bring my suitcases with all of my things to the mission conference with Elder Christiansen (presidency of the seventy) and Elder Godoy (area president) the following day, Wednesday. So we were kind of confused but we went anyway, and then when we got there we were explained that Elder Marsmaker (Bullhead City, Arizona) is going home to get knee surgery. And President Stauffer was planning on whitewashing Elder Marsmakers area, but he decided it would be better to put me there for a few days before transfers so that I wouldn't be completely lost. So since Wednesday I have been here with Elder Marsmaker, who can't walk very much because his knee is bad. I am in the area Naranjal 1, the zone Los Olivos. The ward is Naranjal and the stake is Los Olivos. It's Naranjal 1 because there are two companionships in the ward, and I'm actually with them right now because Elder Marsmaker went home yesterday, so I have to wait until tomorrow to get my new companion. But I'm technically not in Los Olivos. Because my area is a part of the district of San Martin de Porres.

So yeah i hope that made sense. The old companion of Elder Marsmaker is with Elder Viera in Los Alamos. But I really like my new area. I'm in Lima now. This is the real part of the city of Lima, and it's huge. There are so many houses, all made of bricks, and they all look the same. All of the streets look the same too. My area is all flat. There is only one hill I think. It's really different from Ventanilla. About half of my area has pavement and the other half is dust. It's not really dirt, it's not really sand, it's just dust. When we take steps it lifts up the dust, and our shoes are covered in it. It's awesome. I'm excited to get my companion tomorrow and start working. Thanks everyone.

Elder Harris

with Elder Marsmaker

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