Monday, June 26, 2017

Naranjal - Week 3

No pasa nada con negro

The highlight this week was the baptism of Nicanor Castrejòn. He is a man that the missionaries were working with before we got here, and we basically just showed up for the interview and the baptism. He is a really good person and he has a strong testimony.

I feel like there are more houses and more people in this area than in my other two areas. It's more dense. I feel like the people are a little more rushed here closer to central Lima. I feel like in Ventanilla there was more unity in the neighborhoods, the people knew each other better, but here few people know their neighbor. It's more of a closed door, closed window type of place. But there are a lot of people interested and curious to listen to us, most of them tell us that they don't have time. We have contacted a lot of people that have told us that they want to listen to us but literally leave to work at 5am and they get back at 11pm, 7 days a week. I'm not sure if they are lying or not haha, but it's kind of a crazy life. But I like it here, I really don't mind big cities.

Friday was a great day, and I think the thing that made it so great was our studies in the morning. We really had a great companionship study and it changed the feeling of the whole day. In our companionship study we were studying Chapter 2 of Preach My Gospel and as we were reading the part in Joseph Smith history about when he read Santiago 1:5, an impression came that was the solution to a doubt of one of our investigators. I know now exactly what we need to teach him to help him understand the gospel. It really helps to write things down while I'm studying, I haven't done it very much earlier in my mission, but I'm writing a lot more now and it helps me to stay focused and feel the spirit.

I know this gospel changes lives. We have to have faith and repent. Another way to say that is keep our testimony strong and live the commandments, and if we do we will have eternal peace and joy.

My companion Elder Huarsaya

Nicanor's baptism with our ward mission leader, Ederson

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