Monday, July 24, 2017

Naranjal - Week 7

Supongo que es el dia del pionero o algo

This week we had the baptism of Lynn Andamo. He was a PF of 25 years and one thing that he said in his testimony at the end of the baptismal service was that he knew that baptism was the only way that he was going to be able to be with his mother again in heaven (she was a member and passed away from cancer 2 months ago). He has had a huge change in his life and it strengthens my testimony so much seeing people live it. We don't have very many progressing investigators right now, so we are going to focus on finding this week and helping our few fechas attend church.

A field that we found in our area. We are on the outskirts of Lima
 and it was so nice to find an open field.

The baptism of Lynn. His cousin came from another part of Lima to baptize him.

Junior. A member preparing for the mission that always comes with us to visit people.

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