Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Naranjal - Week 11

La Caridad

We had an experience yesterday with a referral that came to us as a message from the zone leaders while we were in church. It said it was a family of 3 with 3 attendences that was attending in Palermo but they live in Naranjal. We went early to find the house and when the dad opened the door he was so surprised and happy to see us. The referral said it was a single father with two children ages 14 and 8, but when we got there we realized he was living together with his partner without being married. But they told us they were thinking about separating because they were having problems in their relationship. I had a work visit with the zone leaders earlier this week and after it I felt I need to show more charity. The next day I tried really hard to serve my companions by making their beds and making breakfast, and it made a difference! I felt a lot happier and united with them that day. So with this couple I shared with them Moroni 8 about charity. And they expressed desires to improve their relationship and serve each other more. I'm so grateful I had this experience. I know I followed the Spirit.

Today we had zone pday and we climbed a hill called Cerro Pro. It's right by the stake center in Los Olivos and I can tell you that now I understand how massive Lima is. We couldnt' see it all because of the fog, but we were surrounded by pure houses.

That's everything I think.

Elder Harris

Monday, August 14, 2017

Naranjal - Week 10

Tres es mejor que dos

I am in a trio now, our new companion is named Elder Arévalo from Guyaquil, Ecuador.

So what happened is there are two companionships in the Naranjal ward, Elder Arevalo was in the other area but his companion finished his mission and went home to Colombia so he is going to be with us covering the two areas until transfers which are on September 5th. He speaks perfect English. And he is one of those people that always seems happy. He is calm, but he always has something funny to say. I haven't seen him get frustrated or stressed.

Last week we were searching for former investigators with attendances to church as our leaders asked us to. We made an appointment with a family, we made the appointment with one of the teenage sons so we weren't sure what to expect of the parents. On Thursday we prayed like we always do to find a family that day, and when we arrived at the appointment we found a family of 5 waiting excitedly for us. Three details of the room called my attention: 1- The marriage pictures on a shelf, 2- The huge collection display of liquor hanging on the wall, and 3- Three Books of Mormon on the table. I knew as soon as I saw all that that this family was going to be really interesting. The first thing they told us after saying the opening prayer was:

"We know that Book of Mormon is true, and we know the church is true"

This family had actually been baptized years back, but they never made it to their confirmation. Their biggest problem is that the husband works as a bartender. He doesn't drink, but his job prevents him from going to church sometimes. Like this past Sunday he couldn't attend. We are planning to help him understand why he should find another job.

Also this week on Sunday we had a regional conference for the countries of Peru and Bolivia that was broadcast from Salt Lake. Elder Cook presided and he talked about Missionary Work, Family History Work, and Temple Work. I feel a responsibility to prepare this place for a temple. We don't know where yet, but the new temple is going to be very close to where I am right now.

In the picture we bought a tub of 5 liters of ice cream (this is the first time I've bought ice cream on my mission) and a brand name nutella and sweet and condensed milk.

Happy birthday this week to my two amazing sisters Abby and Amelia and Abuelo Miguel.

Nos vemos pronto cholos

Elder Harricito

Monday, August 7, 2017

Naranjal - Week 9

Trabajo Arduo

We were able to lift up our insacs this week which was a huge blessing. We finally have some good progressing investigators. Ones name is Freddy, he is conviviente (living together without being married) and his wife is a member, but he is one of the best investigators ive had. When he reads the book of mormon he always shares a verse that he liked from his reading with us. They have their goal for marriag and they have all the documents they need. He wants to get baptized live all the commandments.

We are also teaching Hugo and his mom who came to church the second time (and we have only known him for 2 weeks) yesterday with his mom, he is a single father who also lives with his 3 kids, but the kids are really shy, when we ask them questions they just laugh and look at their dad. They havent come to church yet, we are praying trying to understand how we can help them progress like their dad.

And another miracle we had this week is we were walking down the street and out of the blue a girl yells elderes and she was a member from Villa Sol (another ward in another stake), and she was walking with her friend Matthew who was not a member. They said they were going to Matthews house for a work meeting, and they invited us to come so that another day we could visit Matthew. It ended up that he lived right across the street from our apartment haha. He told us that he believed Joseph Smith was a prophet and he came to church as well for 3 hours and shared his testimony in Elders Quorum.

I started reading the book of mormon again, but this time im looking for the doctrine of christ. The story of Nephi with his brothers has impacted me with how perfect it fits with endure to the end. I feel like if i had brothers like that i would give up and say i cant do this anymore, but Nephi never lost faith and endured even when the worst things happened to him over and over again. I want to have that same faith when there are challenges in my mission.

I feel like i always have interesting experiences with drunk people. Yesterday we were heading back to our apartment when a guy called and motioned us to come over, we came up to talk to him. He told us he wanted to buy us some peach juice because we were right next to a store. After a few moments we realized that he was really drunk, but we thanked him for his kindness and we drank our juice as he told us a few stories that didnt make sense.

And another time we contacted a family in the street and the husband was super drunk, and he grabbed my hand strongly and wouldnt let go. Then he started talking to me in English, and he actually spoke english very well, it surprised me a lot.

This week Kyle Webb is visiting and so its interesting because he taught and baptized the wife of Luis Orozco who we baptized 3 weeks ago.

Here is the picture of us eating Guinea Pig

And another of the roof of our house.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Naranjal - Week 8

Es tiempo de volar

On Saturday we found a single man (Hugo) and his mom to teach, they lived in very humble circumstances, but we taught the restoration and they accepted everything very well. We were about to finish, their commitment to go to church the next day was a little shaky. In my mind I was thinking that last week we had zero insacs. And in this moment we didn't have anyone committed to go to church. I also thought in the suggestion President Stauffer gave us to invite them to eat lunch with a member. So I invited them to eat lunch with a member that lived near tomorrow before going to church (because our church starts at 2pm). When I said that they were a little surprised! But they said that would be great and afterwards we could to go church. We called the Tineo family to see if they could provide the lunch and they accepted. We ate lunch with them and left them with the Tineo family to take them to church. And that was how we had our 2 insacs this week.

This week the Los Olivos zone, we were sent to a Young single adult convention in this huge park in the Lima North Mission to look for the investigators there and ask for referrals.

Thanks for everything everyone.

Elder Harris

Monday, July 24, 2017

Naranjal - Week 7

Supongo que es el dia del pionero o algo

This week we had the baptism of Lynn Andamo. He was a PF of 25 years and one thing that he said in his testimony at the end of the baptismal service was that he knew that baptism was the only way that he was going to be able to be with his mother again in heaven (she was a member and passed away from cancer 2 months ago). He has had a huge change in his life and it strengthens my testimony so much seeing people live it. We don't have very many progressing investigators right now, so we are going to focus on finding this week and helping our few fechas attend church.

A field that we found in our area. We are on the outskirts of Lima
 and it was so nice to find an open field.

The baptism of Lynn. His cousin came from another part of Lima to baptize him.

Junior. A member preparing for the mission that always comes with us to visit people.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Naranjal - Week 6

Bajando la montaña ya

Well on Wednesday I completed a year on my mission, and I've heard that the thing to do when you complete a year is burn a shirt. So we went up on the roof and burned a shirt.

We had the baptism of Luis Orosco.

For P-day we did something new...just kidding we played soccer.

Out of time!

Love you all chao

Elder Harris

Monday, July 10, 2017

Naranjal - Week 5

Que podrìa titular esta carta

One experience this week was when we were doing a finding activity called singing hymns. We were walking down the street when we saw a man sitting down on the sidewalk reading a paper. We crossed the street and said hey can we sing a hymn for you? He looked up and said sure; my favorite is number 41 (Grande Eres Tu). We were kind of surprised but we still sang it. When we finished I looked at his face and there were tears coming out of his eyes. He told us that he lived in Comas (Lima North Mission) but he was a less active member. He said when we sang the hymn it reminded him of when the first missionaries taught him the gospel and of his conversion. He told us he wanted to return to the church, and he committed to go to church this Sunday. I remember that day ended up being a long day where we were just walking all day, but that experience gave my companion and I animo that helped us through the day. And I know that if we follow the spirit we are going to have spiritual experiences.

Another thing that happened this week is Brad Wilcox (writer and professor at BYU) I guess is friends with my Mission President, and he did a fireside for 3 stakes in my mission: Los Olivos, Prolima, and Palmeras. The purpose was to find new investigators. Members brought their friends and family that weren't members (to give as referrals to the missionaries) and we as missionaries brought investigators. He talked for about an hour about the subject: What do I gain by being Mormon? He was hilarious and has a heavy Chilean accent (he served as a mission president there). But it was awesome, we had some referrals given to us. And at the beginning all the missionaries in the 3 zones got up and sang Nearer my God to thee which was pretty cool.

Work visit with Elder Cardenas from COLOMBIA...està colocho...

My comp took this right before we came to the internet cafè. In Avenida San Josè.

My desk. Don't ask questions.