Monday, January 30, 2017

Pachacutec - Week 23

Pique a lo macho

Fun week, we listened to Elder Quintin L Cook together with the Lima North mission. It's weird to see another mission, there were a few of them that I recognized from the MTC. But Elder Cook and Elder Falabella from the 70 were there, which is kind of cool, because if I remember right Elder Falabella set apart President Swanson as Stake President. 

Elder Cook doesn't speak Spanish, he had a translator, which made it even better because I got to listen to everything he said twice, so it made it more powerful.  He shared a lot experiences from his mission in England, like how he was mission companions with Jeffrey R Holland and stuff like that.  He talked about following the spirit and working with members.  Elder Falabella counseled us to teach the Atonement with the Sabbath Day to our investigators in the second visit.  But to teach it in the chapel and testify of the importance of the sacrament in connection to the Atonement.  It was a cool meeting.  They had it in a building in the Lima North Mission.  I think it's called the Lima North Institute or something like that.

We also had the annual world missionary training with Elder Oaks, Bednar, Nelson, and a few other general authorities. They made a few changes to the key indicators and the missionary schedule.  The changes are great, it's going to help us a ton.

Love you guys, 

Elder Harris

We found these guys walking around with a llama taking pictures of people with their llama, so we took a picture. The first llama I've seen in Peru.

For P-Day last week we went walking down to see something different, and we found this cool place by the beach. Our jumping picture kind of failed.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Pachacutec - Week 22

Tienes que quitar las piedras de tropieza de tu vida

I feel really satisfied with the things that happened this week. The thing that pulls my attention the most is the success of an elder in my district, Elder Sanabria.  This week we had stake conference in Ventanilla, and the stake president told us missionaries (there are 26 of us) that if we brought our investigators to the stake center he would save the first 4 rows for them, so that they can have a good spiritual experience, because Pres Stauffer came to the conference to speak as well.  And it was going to be a challenge for us because we are like 20 minutes away from Ventanilla.  But Elder Sanabria rented a van and brought like 16 people to the chapel in Ventanilla.  Haha he was almost in tears it was crazy.  As a zone we had over 50 investigators in the stake conference, it was very full.  And our mission president talked to them all afterwards and greeted them.

We also had a miracle this week.  We were working in a part of our area that is really far from anything, where not a lot of missionaries have worked, and a lady called Buenas Tardes Elderes, and we went to talk to her, she told us she had assisted in the church in Argentina for 3 years, and now that she moved back to Peru she lost contact with the church and never was baptized.  So we are working with her! She's a great lady and has her baptismal date in February.

Missionary work is hard, but it's the best.

Love you all

Elder Cook is going to talk to our mission tomorrow!

until next time

Elder Harris

Pics at the Temple

Monday, January 16, 2017

Pachacutec - Week 21

Six Months, One for Every Spire on the Temple

It was kind of coincidence, but we went to the temple on Thursday, the day of my six month mark.  The reason we went is because we completed an initiative of our Mission President that if we baptized and confirmed 4 people and completed 10 INL steps (which are progressing steps to the temple for new converts) in the months of November and December, then we could go to the temple.  So we went, and it was pretty cool to go back.  We had the session in Spanish and it was amazing.  I could understand it all.

Friday we had a really good district meeting. I don't know why, but I left that meeting feeling so animated to work.  You know you have a good leader when they animate you to work and not just criticize you for all the things you do wrong.

Sunday morning at 7 am we had the Baptism of Berta and Alejandra (the mom and the grandma of our recent convert Patricia).  We had it Sunday morning so that Patricia could be there because she was working Saturday night.  And then they were confirmed right after in Sacrament Meeting at 8 am.  Sister Berta is really, really converted.  She bore her testimony after her confirmation and there were tears in her eyes.  She has had a lot of changes in her life and she is still in the process of repentence for some things, but I just feel so grateful for the loving gift of peace and forgiveness that Christ undeniably gives to every one of us.  His love is great, and a lot of times it's the only thing we have to be able to press forward.  I know Him.  He knows me.  And I will serve Him with all my might for these short remaining 18 months.

Cuidense mucho,

Elder Harris

Monday, January 9, 2017

Pachacutec - Week 20

Una Otra Semana

Hey family, we had a great week this week with the baptism of Blanca!  We found her back in September but after all this time she finally made this important step of baptism.  She's the best, a really good friend of ours.  

This time of the year is the best for missionary work, because it's summer vacation here in Peru.  The months of January and February are the hottest months of the year and it's when the kids have time off, so its super easy to find new investigators.  The people here in Pachacutec are so humble and most will listen to us.  From what I've heard this area of Pachacutec is one of the most humble areas in my mission, so I'm taking advantage of being in such a great area.  After 5 months living here it kind of feels like home.  

Today for P-day we went to Ventanilla to the cachina (which is like a giant garage sell by the market) and we found some cool old Peruvian coins that an old lady was selling. Coin collecting is a pretty big deal down here, I kind of wish I would have brought some quarters and dimes to give to my companions and kids.  I'm starting to really like the Gospel Principles class, we as missionaries teach the class when the teacher doesn't show up, which is quite often.  And this last Sunday there were probably 25 people in the class which was great.  Things are great down here, we are working to have the mom and the grandmother of one of our converts baptized this Saturday.

This week my testimony has really been strengthened.  I remember sitting in Priesthood on Sunday listening to the Elders Quorum president teach, sitting next to one of my investigators, and I just had a strong feeling come over me that my calling as a missionary was something really powerful, and that I had the capability to work miracles and change a lot of peoples lives if I rely on the help of God and give everything I have to Him.  I know that God lives and that his church is restored on the earth today.

Que tenga buenisima semana. No se caigan en las piedras que estan en el camino.


Elder Harris (el tigre)

Bautismo de Blanca Eufemia Marin Araujo

La encontramos a Blanca al tocar una puerta inspirada en Septiembre, pero con paciencia y suficiente tiempo para prepararse, ella se bautiso.  Ella es lo maximo!  Cuida a su mama de 95 años, y su niñeto de 5 años.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Pachacutec - Week 19

Agrarrar la llanta

Hello everyone it's been a solid holiday week down here in Pachacutec (yes I'm staying here for another transfer with Elder Poma (the powerful)).  To celebrate New Years down here the people light up fireworks and burn these mannequin things that look like scarecrows at midnight.  Kind of a cool, crazy tradition. This week we found an awesome family that accepted a baptismal date on the first lesson.  We are also working with the families of our converts, and there are a lot who are interested and progressing towards baptism.  It's amazing the amount of impact one person can have on the rest of their family when they start to make decisions.

Elder Sanabria is training a new missionary, Elder Hyde from Snow Canyon.  It's been fun this week with a new one in the district and teaching him Spanish and stuff.

Until next week.

Elder Harris the Peruvian

Zone P day in Ventanilla Alta. We rented this full sized soccer turf field to play on.