Monday, March 27, 2017

Los Alamos - Week 7

White is Wonderful

I've always wanted to baptize a family that is able to progress toward the temple sealing and this week we had the baptism of the Obregon Family. The husband was a less active member, but I have seen a lot of change in him since we have been visiting them. He was able to baptize his family, which was something that I will never forget. I know that the wife, Sara, was guided by the spirit to make the decision to be baptized and it wasn't just getting baptized because her husband is a member. She said that one morning she woke up and it dawned on her that she needed to do it. They really are a great family and they are going to be a great addition to the ward here in Los Alamos. 

It's interesting how every conversion is different. Every baptism that I have had on my mission has been a different experience. Sometimes we as missionaries have to put a lot in to help our investigators. But other times it's almost like they walk right into the water without needing any pushing or shoving. I feel like that's how it was with Sara and Manuel, they were prepared and waiting for us.

This transfer a bunch of new missionaries came to the mission (they are all Latinos) and so there are 7 companionships in the Ventanilla Zone and 5 have new missionaries. It's always fun when new missionaries come, it gives a new spirit and excitement to the work.

I'm doing great here! I really don't know much about the floods, the only stuff I know is from what people say in the street and what I hear from members. But I'm safe where I am at.

Have a great week everyone!

con buen animo...y mucho y gran cuidado

Elder Harris

The Obregon Family

Monday, March 20, 2017

Los Alamos - Week 6


Well I'm surviving the floods down here. No kidding haha, there are literally no rivers at all in Ventanilla so it's not a worry right now. But in truth I feel really safe, and our President is making sure that we are safe. Our leaders are always calling us to make sure everything is okay.  If anything happens we have our little emergency backpacks in the apartment haha. But this week has been an excellent week.

We found a family of 3 on Friday that are really, really good. They were a referral from a member, and it really was a miracle because we were just walking down the street and the member (who is a little old lady, Sister Macky, who also is a returned missionary from back in the day) gave us like 5 references of investigators. We taught the family and this Sunday they attended all 3 hours of church and loved it and told us that they wanted to come back. And we have an appointment with them tomorrow.

There are transfers tomorrow but I'm sure I will stay here and finish the training of Elder Viera, he is progressing a lot. We found something that is called Mate. You should google it. It's like a herbal drink that they drink in Argentina and Uruguay. He loves the stuff, and I like it too.

This Saturday we have the baptism of Sara and her son Manuel who is 11. Her spouse is a less active member, and they got married recently so they are ready for baptism. They are a really good family.

It was pretty sad saying good bye to Elder Poma the other day. Mueren tan rapido a veces.

Que tengan una buena semana y siempre recuerden que Jesus les ama. Muchisimo.

Elder Harris

Monday, March 13, 2017

Los Alamos - Week 5

Me Atrevo

It's been a really good week, I'm loving life here in Ventanilla Alta in the Àlamos Ward. We were able to find a lot of people to teach this week, but all of them have been thanks to members. References from members almost always turn out to be wonderful investigators.

Our mission is putting an emphasis on teaching with power with two important principles: the Restoration and the Atonement. We had a multi zone conference where we did a bunch of practices and I learned so much it was awesome.

I know that you guys want details but I don't know what to write. Everything is normal now. The two years is passing by fassttt, I'm almost half way done. We are working with a few families that have such strong testimonies of the Gospel but they just aren't married, it is so frustrating.

One thing that I learned from my zone leader, Elder Chavez from Chile. He is kind of crazy, but he taught us something interesting. Here in my mission we almost always set a baptismal date in the first lesson, but it's almost always at the end of the lesson. But he showed us 3 Nephi 11, when Jesus comes to Peru and gives the power to baptize to Nephi. And he immediately teaches the principle of baptism to his disciples. Elder Chavez told us that he sets the baptismal date before the opening prayer in the first visit with people. I've tried implementing that in my lessons, and it really works when the spirit is there.

Love you guys

Left to right: Elder Bryce, Me, Elder Viera, Elder Poma (my previous comp who goes home on Sunday), Elder Cheney (the son of Elder Poma), Elder Landa, (the grandson of Elder Poma and the son of Elder Cheney)

So at home we sometimes build houses with unfinished basements. Here they build houses with unfinished 2nd floors. This is what's above our apartment.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Los Alamos - Week 4

una semana...normal, creo

Hello Family,

It's been a great week here! I really don't have a lot to say. We had a baptism this week! Our third kid that we've baptized here, and they've all been part of part-member families. His name is Justin and he is awesome! He is only nine years old, but he plays guitar, and he learned from the internet, and he is actually really good. We play hymns together sometimes. And his older brother Carlos baptized him and we are working to send Carlos on the mission.

One spiritual experience I had this week was with Elder Viera when he testified of the Atonement and started to cry and the spirit was super strong. The man that we were teaching was pretty hard hearted, but I know that he felt something because he attended church. The power of the Atonement is real.

We also got to see the broadcast of the groundbreaking ceremony of the temple in Arequipa Peru. Peru is going to have 4 temples here soon!!!

I've finally found the courage to start an English class once a week. And we are starting this Wednesday.

I hope that you all have a great week full of BUEN ANIMO.

Blanco es Bonito,

Elder Harris

Bautismo Fotos

One of these guys that we climbed the hill with is a Bolivian from Santa Cruz that is here visiting because he served here in this area as a missionary 13 years ago