Monday, December 12, 2016

Pachacutec - Week 16

Ya soy viejo. Cinco meses.

This week I had a work visit with Elder Salas from Colombia in Ventanilla Alta.  We found this guy who, after we taught him, wanted to be baptized.  He told us that all of the other religions have come, like the Jehovah's Witnesses and Evangelists and others, but he told us that he didn't like any of them.  He told us that we were like angels that have come to share these truths with him. It was a pretty cool experience.

In our area we found a great part member family.  The husband is a member and the wife isn't.  We have been working with her and she should be able to get baptized this month.  We are still visiting Arminda, the lady who is the owner of our apartment and lives below us.  But she has been pretty sick lately and hasn't been able to go to church or do much.

One thing I love about Peru is the kids.  They are so great.  Our pensionista has a son who is 10 and he is always asking me how to say different words in English and stuff like that, haha.  One experience I had this week is we were walking through a part of our area that we had never been to before.  Some kids were playing in the street and started talking to us, asking us what country we were from and stuff like that, telling me to speak English.  So we ask them if we can visit their parents, and they get all excited like yeah! let's go!  So they lead us to this house and we wait outside while he goes and gets his parents.  After a few minutes he comes out with a really concerned look on his face and told us that there was a little problem...his mom is Catholic, haha.  I don't know if that's even funny for you guys but I couldn't keep from laughing, because the people are always telling us this.  I'm Catholic.  We are Catholics. Look, I am Catholic.  Ha one time after someone told us that they were Catholic, Elder Poma told him that we were the missionaries from the Catholic church and asked if we could visit them.  But they still rejected us haha.

I love being here.  This city is a sacred place.  There are people prepared to receive the gospel here.  I'm going to find them.

Con mucho amor y humildad,

Elder Harris

Baptism of Patricia

Here in Peru they have this food called Paneton.  It's just this bread with little fruit things in it.  It's an acquired taste but now that I'm used to it, it's amazing.  And they only have it during Christmas time.

Close Up

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