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MTC - Week 3

El Medio

¿Que en el mundo?

Hola everyone! Week 3 in the CCM has been pretty great. Yesterday all of the latinos and the avenzados (the missionaries that have been here since June 21) left for their missions. It was a little sad because some of them were pretty good friends. And so today there's a whole new batch of 35 principantes (North American six weekers) and around 70 latinos. They were really noisy last night at 3 am haha and woke us up, but it's chill. It's weird to think that only 3 weeks ago I was in their situation.

So fun fact, on Thursday Hermana Moore was playing volleyball with some hermanas (shes like 70) and she fell down and broke her left wrist and left ankle. She had surgery on Monday and now she's in a wheelchair for a while. Its kind of sad, but she's just as happy and excited about life as ever. She's awesome.

Our branch presidency is really cool. The first counselor, Elder Hansen, has been a mission president in Veracruz Mexico and last Sunday he showed us pictures and talked about his mission, it was
cool.  He's a really good teacher as well. And the second counselor, the mental health doctor Australian guy, Elder Raeside, was telling us about how he went to Iquitos this week and how it was all jungely and he had an encounter with a sloth, and ate piranhas. Elder Amann (who is the only one going to Iquitos) was pretty excited. He always gets chastised because we are supposed to wear our suites to devotionals and on Sundays, but he was told not to bring a suite so he doesn’t have one. In our room sometimes we just think of ways that he is most likely going to die in the jungle it's fun.

So apparently Elder Renlund is coming to Peru sometime in August. So that will be cool if its actually true. 

Sundays are really cool because we usually watch a devotional from the Provo MTC, like one was with Elder Bednar and another with Elder Scott. They're always really good.

I get to go proselyting for real on Saturday! Its only for like a few hours but man I'm so excited to get outside the walls and see the realworld.

Our district has this thing where we only speak Spanish from lunch to dinner, excluding recess (physical activity). It's really tough, but it's kind of cool to find out how much I actually can say if I'm forced to. And the consequence is planchas (pushups).

So it's interesting how they teach Spanish at the CCM. I was expecting to have classes like a high school Spanish class all day long but that’s not how it is. We only have one hour per day where the teacher actually teaches us grammar principles. And thus far I've only had one grammar principle that I hadn’t known from high school and it was taught yesterday. So basically here, they teach you a little bit, but the most important thing they do here is teach you how to teach yourself. It's really frustrating because I just want to be taught from a teacher, but really everything I need is in the grammar book and my other resources. 

They have a thing called your language study plan and it's supposed to outline exactly what you're going to study during language study and TALL. I'm still trying to figure it out haha, because usually I just study whatever I feel like in the moment.

Anyways love you all! Ask me some questions. Hasta la proxima semana!

Elder Harris

District Pic.  No time for names, sorry.  Except Elder Amann is the one in the black flexing, he's going to Iquitos.  The rest are going to Lima West, except Elder Anderson with the blue shirt in the middle, he left yesterday for Lima South

Elder Ortega from Columbia going to Arequipa.  Super cool guy, knew a lot of English

Elder Davilla.  He and his comp only knew one phrase in English.  Go To Sleep!  And they said it all the time.

This is Elder Inga.  He left Yesterday, but he was way cool.  He's from Lima I thing and he's serving in Huancayo.

Elder Ordonez from Honduras serving in Arequipa.  He was the best at soccer and his nickname was Elder Gringo because he always mad fun of us gringos.  And he played on the gringo team during soccer.

I gave Elder Inga my red tie.

Lomo Saltado!  So so so good.  And the pink potatoes and beets were okay too.  The little brown round potatoes are arguably the most tasty things I've ever eaten.

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