Wednesday, August 17, 2016

MTC - Week 5

Last Week in the CCM

First of all, last week we went to the temple and the name I went through for was Mr. Harris from England, born in 1549. So yeah, if that's not cool I don't know what is.  Today was the last time we got to go to the temple while in the CCM (I'm not sure if I get to go while on my mission) and so I did the session in Spanish and it turned out okay, I understood pretty much everything. But, I mean it helped a lot to have gone so many times in English so that even if i didn't understand the words, I knew what was going on.

Also more about the food. They have these purple olives here and they hide them in the food. Like really, one night we had these stuffed potato things and there was one random purple olive in the middle. They taste like they've been dipped in acid. Even the Latinos that we've talked to don't like them. And Elder Hunsaker hadn't tried one yet, and I told him I would give him my cake if he ate it, and he couldn't do it, he had to spit it out. That's how bad they are. 

I don't know if i already said this, but my district has been helping Hermana Moore in her wheelchair, carrying her up and down the stairs every night because there's no elevators here. She always gives us some kind of snack when we do it too so its great. 

There's tour groups that come through the CCM every Saturday for HEFY and it's weird because they look in at us through the windows of our classrooms. Kind of like a zoo haha. We want to put up a sign that says please don't feed the missionaries. 

This coming Monday, the day before we leave, we have the whole afternoon to pack and prepare to leave and do laundry. Then on Tuesday the ones who are flying to their missions leave at whatever time their flight is. I think for all the Lima missions we meet at the church that's right next to the CCM at like 6 am and then a bus takes us to our mission home. But all the buses I've been on (except during proselyting) have been private type charter buses so I'm assuming we will take that and not a public city bus. I'm pretty sure Monday will be my new P day, so I probably won't email next week.

The scriptures are true when they say ask and ye shall receive, I've had so many gospel questions while I've been here, and I started writing them down. The answer always comes with study and prayer.  Love you guys!

Til next week!

Roommates pictured left to right:  E. Amann, E Jardine, E. Hunsaker, E. Reukert, E. Me, E. Fawcett.  Reukert and Fawcett are going to Cusco and Amman is going to Iquitos.  The rest are going to Lima West.

Elder Hunsaker

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