Monday, October 10, 2016

Pachacutec - Week 7

Pachacutec Pachacutec

Transfers were this week so this means that I've been on my mission almost 3 months. Wow crazy. But yeah so we have a new Greenie in our district, Elder Taylor from Arizona, and its great because now I'm not the youngest. I hadn't really noticed how much my Spanish has improved until Elder Taylor got here haha. It brought back memories of my first couple days in the mission field and now I can see how far I have come in these first 6 weeks. It's pretty cool, but yeah this week has been good, normal.

The work has been a bit of a struggle this week, we didn't have any investigators in sacrament meeting, which is pretty discouraging. But we just have to work harder this week to help our investigators progress.

My comp is district leader now so I get to do work visits with lots of missionaries in our district which will be fun.

There's also another Greenie in our zone that sang in the MTC choir at conference which is pretty cool.

We were fasting Sunday morning and we went to get our investigators for church. After passing by two doors and having them tell us that they couldn't attend, we were walking up the hill to our next investigator, and I just felt like giving up. My companion was walking fast up the hill, and I just wanted to stop. I was hungry, tired, discouraged, all negative emotions. But in the moment that I was about to stop and give up, I remembered the story of the four sons of Mosiah. Ammon said that when their hearts were depressed and they wanted to turn back, the Lord was with them. The principle is that the Lord strengthens his servants in the midst of their afflictions. This thought (which was clearly put in my mind by the Holy Ghost) gave me strength to push forth. I decided to just smile, even though I didn't feel like smiling, and my negative thoughts left me. I felt the strength and comfort of the Lord that day.

I know the Book of Mormon was written for our day to help us. Read. This. Book.

Every day.

Elder Harris

Our apartment. It's just the green part, the second and third floor.

P-Day a few weeks back with our zone. We just played soccer, all the soccer fields in my area are like this. Basically just a basketball court with goals at the end. And I think the majority of the chapels down here have one. But there are lots of public ones as well that anyone can use.

I experimented and made brownies in our microwave using a recipe I found in the apartment, not too bad.

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