Monday, January 16, 2017

Pachacutec - Week 21

Six Months, One for Every Spire on the Temple

It was kind of coincidence, but we went to the temple on Thursday, the day of my six month mark.  The reason we went is because we completed an initiative of our Mission President that if we baptized and confirmed 4 people and completed 10 INL steps (which are progressing steps to the temple for new converts) in the months of November and December, then we could go to the temple.  So we went, and it was pretty cool to go back.  We had the session in Spanish and it was amazing.  I could understand it all.

Friday we had a really good district meeting. I don't know why, but I left that meeting feeling so animated to work.  You know you have a good leader when they animate you to work and not just criticize you for all the things you do wrong.

Sunday morning at 7 am we had the Baptism of Berta and Alejandra (the mom and the grandma of our recent convert Patricia).  We had it Sunday morning so that Patricia could be there because she was working Saturday night.  And then they were confirmed right after in Sacrament Meeting at 8 am.  Sister Berta is really, really converted.  She bore her testimony after her confirmation and there were tears in her eyes.  She has had a lot of changes in her life and she is still in the process of repentence for some things, but I just feel so grateful for the loving gift of peace and forgiveness that Christ undeniably gives to every one of us.  His love is great, and a lot of times it's the only thing we have to be able to press forward.  I know Him.  He knows me.  And I will serve Him with all my might for these short remaining 18 months.

Cuidense mucho,

Elder Harris

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