Monday, January 2, 2017

Pachacutec - Week 19

Agrarrar la llanta

Hello everyone it's been a solid holiday week down here in Pachacutec (yes I'm staying here for another transfer with Elder Poma (the powerful)).  To celebrate New Years down here the people light up fireworks and burn these mannequin things that look like scarecrows at midnight.  Kind of a cool, crazy tradition. This week we found an awesome family that accepted a baptismal date on the first lesson.  We are also working with the families of our converts, and there are a lot who are interested and progressing towards baptism.  It's amazing the amount of impact one person can have on the rest of their family when they start to make decisions.

Elder Sanabria is training a new missionary, Elder Hyde from Snow Canyon.  It's been fun this week with a new one in the district and teaching him Spanish and stuff.

Until next week.

Elder Harris the Peruvian

Zone P day in Ventanilla Alta. We rented this full sized soccer turf field to play on.

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