Monday, February 13, 2017

Las Alamos - Week 1

Que es un alamo? Ya soy padre fech...

Well hello everyone, it's been a crazy week.  We had two new zones created in our mission and it mixed a lot of things up.  Now there are 12 zones, and one of the new zones is Pachacutec.  The other is called Miramar.  

And so my transfer is that I'm training a new missionary in Los Alamos in the Ventanilla Stake.   And that means I'm also whitewashing this area.   I don't know anyone haha so it's been fun. But yeah, I'm in the same zone which is kind of rare, I think, but my old area is no longer in my zone.  

My companions name is Elder Viera, he comes from Uruguay.  He has an accent haha and sometimes he is hard to understand, but all is good.  They asked us to speak in church this last Sunday to introduce ourselves to the ward, it was great.  The ward is really strong and we will have a lot of support from the members.  The area here is really cool, it's basically pushed up in this little cove surrounded by hills.  Los Alamos is the old area of the Ventanilla zone leaders.  From lots of points in my area I can see Pachacutec and parts of my old area up on the hill.

One thing that I've been thinking about a lot this week, and something that I've felt personally, and something that I've tried to help my companion understand is the concept of trust in the Lord. The problem with a lot of missionaries is they only have confidence in themselves.  Sometimes we only think about our own capabilities and whether or not our capabilities are good enough. Some missionaries are satisfied with their own abilities and start to get prideful when they confide in their own capabilities. Other missionaries look at their own abilities and feel weak.  Their self confidence goes down because they think that their abilities aren't good enough.  But I think the problem with these two types of missionaries really is the same.  They are trusting more in themselves than in the Lord.  Because when we forget ourselves and just trust in the Lord, it doesn't matter what our abilities are.  We just have to trust that the Spirit will direct us to do what we need to do.  Nothing else.

One time we were contacting in the street and a lot of people were rejecting us and I felt a little disanimated.  But I saw a guy walking up the street in front of us quickly, and I knew that he was coming home from work and if I contacted him we would be able to teach him.  So I started walking fast, almost to the point of running to catch up with him and do salvation in 60 seconds.  And he let us in! I feel like the Lord likes to test us like that.  He waits until we are at the point where we want to give up, and if we put forth an extra effort in finding, we will find the elect.

I feel humbled to be able to train, I'm learning a lot from my companion.

Haste la proxima,

Elder Harris

My Comp Elder Viera!

My District!

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  1. This is awsome elder harris!! Trust in the Lord is good advice for all of us! Love you!!!