Monday, July 31, 2017

Naranjal - Week 8

Es tiempo de volar

On Saturday we found a single man (Hugo) and his mom to teach, they lived in very humble circumstances, but we taught the restoration and they accepted everything very well. We were about to finish, their commitment to go to church the next day was a little shaky. In my mind I was thinking that last week we had zero insacs. And in this moment we didn't have anyone committed to go to church. I also thought in the suggestion President Stauffer gave us to invite them to eat lunch with a member. So I invited them to eat lunch with a member that lived near tomorrow before going to church (because our church starts at 2pm). When I said that they were a little surprised! But they said that would be great and afterwards we could to go church. We called the Tineo family to see if they could provide the lunch and they accepted. We ate lunch with them and left them with the Tineo family to take them to church. And that was how we had our 2 insacs this week.

This week the Los Olivos zone, we were sent to a Young single adult convention in this huge park in the Lima North Mission to look for the investigators there and ask for referrals.

Thanks for everything everyone.

Elder Harris

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