Monday, March 20, 2017

Los Alamos - Week 6


Well I'm surviving the floods down here. No kidding haha, there are literally no rivers at all in Ventanilla so it's not a worry right now. But in truth I feel really safe, and our President is making sure that we are safe. Our leaders are always calling us to make sure everything is okay.  If anything happens we have our little emergency backpacks in the apartment haha. But this week has been an excellent week.

We found a family of 3 on Friday that are really, really good. They were a referral from a member, and it really was a miracle because we were just walking down the street and the member (who is a little old lady, Sister Macky, who also is a returned missionary from back in the day) gave us like 5 references of investigators. We taught the family and this Sunday they attended all 3 hours of church and loved it and told us that they wanted to come back. And we have an appointment with them tomorrow.

There are transfers tomorrow but I'm sure I will stay here and finish the training of Elder Viera, he is progressing a lot. We found something that is called Mate. You should google it. It's like a herbal drink that they drink in Argentina and Uruguay. He loves the stuff, and I like it too.

This Saturday we have the baptism of Sara and her son Manuel who is 11. Her spouse is a less active member, and they got married recently so they are ready for baptism. They are a really good family.

It was pretty sad saying good bye to Elder Poma the other day. Mueren tan rapido a veces.

Que tengan una buena semana y siempre recuerden que Jesus les ama. Muchisimo.

Elder Harris

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