Monday, May 29, 2017

Los Alamos - Week 16

Nada viene a mi mente

This week our zone went to the offices in Los Olivos to have a little training with President Stauffer and interviews. He talked about becoming a mission of miracles. One of his favorite scriptures is D&C 123:17. In Spanish the phrase "good cheer" translates to "buen animo" and sorry but it sounds a lot better in Spanish. He talked about how the phrase "doing all things that lie in our power" that basically is diligence and working hard. Doing everything possible to bring souls to Christ. "Then may we stand still" He talked about how if we do everything possible and work as hard as we can in this Work, we will be able to be still. We will have peace. We will be able to live without regret or weight, knowing that we could have done more. 

I have really seen that in my mission. When I have had buen animo it has always been when I've been working hard and doing everything in my power to see the salvation of God work in these people. When I get discouraged, normally its because I've been doing something wrong, or I haven't worked as hard as I should have. Having buen animo is so important. We work more efficiently when we have buen animo. The people around us feel happier when we have buen animo. But to have buen animo we have to be living the commandments, even the little ones like prayer and scripture study. Wow this training was the best! I learned so much and I had a lot of thoughts come to my mind of how I can improve the work in my area.

In my area we have a lot of work to do for June. We have the More family for the 17th that are a young couple with little kids. They came to church once, but couldn't the other Sunday because of work. They have a testimony of the Book of Mormon so I feel confident that they will continue progressing, we just need to get them a good fellowship. Then we have the Salvador family that is a single mother, her daughter, and son. They live in Las Minas, it's an area really far away in my area where the people are a little more humble. And they told us all week that they were going to go to church and when we knocked on their door Sunday morning they weren't there. I guess I need to learn patience.

My experience this week was in the baptism of Margarita Juarez and her son. I felt strongly the power of the Atonement when she gave her testimony. She is a woman who has had to make a lot of changes in her lifestyle, and she said in her testimony that when she came up out of the water she felt that all the things that she had done in the past were gone, and that now she had a new life. My companion and I have worked so hard with her, and we have learned a lot of patience. Her conversion story is really long, but I'm so grateful that I could participate in it and see her change. Those experiences are why I'm here. The reward of all the planning, finding, teaching, and making daily contact is when the convert shares their testimony. It makes it all worth it.

Love you all

West is the Best!

Blanco es Bonito!

Vamos a cambiar el mundo!

...con BUEN ANIMO!!!

-Elder Harris - Misión Perú Lima Oeste

Bautismo de Margarita Juarez y su hijo Leonardo, un miembro que se llama George Castillo les bautizó. Les encontramos por medio de enseñar inglés en la capilla, y su amiga que es miembro le trajo. Hemos estado trabajando con ellos por mucho tiempo, pero por fin tomaron la decision a seguir a Cristo.

P-Day de Distrito

No bake cookies

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